Update: I’ve switched from LESS to SASS! (Whoah!) I might write a post explaining why, but for now i’ll just post a handy snippet.

The beauty and danger of EM

I love sizing in em’s but i’ve been bitten too many times by the weird em inheritance that can happen when i’ve shifted a module into a different context. It’s not fun having a <small> tag scale to 92px, and it’s even less fun making every last element play nice with calculations like 1.29284932930em.

Enter the REM

Rem sizing provides the proportional benefits of ems without the dangers of em innheritance. Smarter people than I have written about it. In short, I believe it is a perfect way to responsively size elements that would normally just get a PX value for safety. It’s annoying having “almost responsive” designs that scale typography or grid size, but still have buttons or images with “4px” padding.

One quick media query on <html> and a whole design scales in an instant. Beautiful!

The mixin

Here is a quick mixin + function pair I’ve made (inspired by this Chris Coyier post.) to quickly set rem for a property with a PX fallback.

Function & Mixin

// returns a target / context value
@function remcalc($target,$context){
  @return ($target/$context)

// grabs the desired size (in px) and spits out a REM value

@mixin rem($selector,$target,$context:$root-font-size) {
  #{$selector} : ($target) + px;
  #{$selector} : remcalc($target,$context) + rem;


.btn {
  @include rem(padding, 12) // assuming a root font size of 16 here

### Output

.btn {
  padding: 12px;
  padding: 0.75rem;

It works great for design elements like buttons, <em> or <small> that may be dropped in to any number of contexts.


  • Rem sizing is meaningless without proper responsive calculations, and is not a replacement for using ems in all scenaries

  • The mixin currently it only works with long-hand CSS properties like margin-bottom or padding-left. Shorthand properties will have to manually use the rem calc function (padding: 0 remcalc(120,16) 0 remcalc(60,16);) to return a value. Or wait until I or someone smarter writes a conditional mixin to provide that functionality