Apparently I'm very bad about writing blog posts; I'm going to try and do more bite sized "tactical" updates like this and see how it goes

I've used the excellent emmet.vim for quite some time but had never gotten around to fixing some pesky annoyances when dealing with JSX: the default class won't work with JSX and that double quoted attributes are pure evil. After perusing this emmet vim issue (from 2015! I'm way behind the times!) and trying one of the many solutions thrown out in the thread, I found the following configuration for Emmet Vim suited my needs:

" .vimrc
let g:user_emmet_settings = {
\  'javascript.jsx' : {
\      'extends': 'jsx',
\      'quote_char': "'",
\  },

I am now happily Vimming away:

Please share any tricks/tips for productive emmeting in the comments. Cheers!